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doc What’s new

Ansys 2024 R1, V241.2

  • New Bolt Settings option “Show Bolt Coordinate System”.
  • New Bolt Settings option “Load Translucency” and “Result Translucency”.
  • New Bolt Settings option “Automatic Bolt Fatigue Legend” to set “Reversed Rainbow” and/or “Logarithmic” depending on Result Item “Life”, “log10(Life)” or “Safety factor stress”.
  • Show bolt “Shear Force” or “Contact Slip Force” vector on Bolt Strength results.
  • Bolt result csv file contains “Contact Slip Angle”, “Fs_ang” Output csv files.
  • New context action on rivet and bolt objects to clear the bolt result csv file Clear Result File.
  • Use Bolt Toolkit in Mechanical Stand-alone.
  • Bugfix “Advanced Bolt” node merge of nut to shaft if “Nominal Diameter Length > 0”.
    Previous versions of Bolt Toolkit from version V211.1 and up can be patched using this instruction.
  • New Bolt Settings option “Scale Only Pretension Change”.

Ansys 2023 R2, V232.6

Ansys 2023 R1, V231.7

  • New Help menu with shortcuts to the online help.
  • Bolt report migrated to Report Generator.
  • Bugfix “Advanced Bolts thermal mapping” (Bug appeared in V231.2).
  • Bugfix “Advanced Bolts with head/nut, quadratic elements and PRETS179”.
  • Bolt Settings control panel edit all preference and bolt codes.
  • Bolt Strength according to AISC 360-16 now includes both the “ASD” and “LRDF” methods.
  • Bugfix when evaluating Category F utilization Ufslip for bolts without preload, Fp = 0.
  • Bolt Result averaging option “Individual” (Default) or “Group” on all bolt strength results.
  • A Rivet/Bolt Strength/Fatigue Child result takes the pre-selected result object as the result parent, see Child Result.

Ansys 2023 R1, V231.2

  • Advanced bolt element revolve Element Division.
  • Advanced bolt Thread mesh sizing.
  • Child Setup let you re-use the rivet and bolt setup from one linked parent analysis.
  • Bugfix “Add bolt pretension” cause GUI to hang.
  • Bugfix post processing contact results of co-axial bolts in the same group.
  • Bugfix not running the solution if creating bolts fails due to missing license.
  • License check in (release) license after starting a solve.
  • Bolt strength according to AISC 360-16.
  • Fatigue load case using Solution Combination from different analyses in the model tree.
  • Fatigue load case using Solution Scanning from different analyses in the model tree.
  • Cumulative Damage fatigue from grouped bolt fatigue results.
  • Grouped Result to combine results (from different linked analyses) in one plot to get an overview and/or to get the max or min from several different load cases.

Ansys 2022 R2, V222.2

  • Bugfix shear resistance factor, αv, in the preference file for bolt material 6.8 and 8.8.
  • Bolts Fatigue result (Normal, Structural & Shear Stress) including Eurocode 3 S-N curves.
  • Packing plate thickness, tpp, as separate property for shear resistance calculation, Fv.Rd.
  • Contact Slip Radius, rslip, property defined in bolt objects and used when post processing contact normal and slip force.
  • Bugfix when app is saved with project, so local preference is not overwritten with default values.
  • Bugfix for Ufslip calculation if contact force is zero (divide by zero).
  • Bugfix for “Contact slip force” and “Contact normal force” if “Auto-asymmetric” or “Program controlled” contact behavior is used.
  • Bugfix if using orthotropic material data for rivets and bolts.

Ansys 2022 R1, V221.1

  • Bugfix to make app work in Ansys 2020 and 2021 and to find current Ansys license for post proc.
  • Bugfix for zero bolt result if no contacts are found (e.g. share topology).
  • Bugfix for bolt/rivet result scale factor. (Was only used for the first evaluated result of a bolt group).
  • Bugfix for rivets in solid models not coupling one of the coincident edges to the rivet shaft.
  • Detect and display errors messages from post processing MAPDL process.
  • Bolts/Rivets Child Result. To display different result items from a parent result.
  • Insert Figures with automatic naming and renaming of existing figures/images. (This feature is moved to the Report Generator app in 2023R1.)

Ansys 2021 R2, V212.3

  • Bugfix to make app work in Ansys 2020R1/R2
  • License client automatic installed if needed when installing the app.
  • Bolt Group Pretension scoping allows multiple faces on shaft (half cylinders).
  • Current technology thermal elements.
  • Bugfix to allow project path name to contain space etc.
  • Improved Bolt Report result table formatting.
  • Bugfix on “pretension change” result so it is updated if applied pretension is changed.
  • Documentation updates.

Ansys 2021 R1, V211.1

Ansys 2020 R1, V201.14

Ansys 2020 R1, V201.13

Ansys R19.2, V192.12

  • Full support for 2019 R2, new GUI. (Require that “Service Pack” is installed).
  • Bugfix for thermal analysis of rivets and improvements of rivet geometry.
  • Bugfix clearing old bolt results when solving on cluster.
  • Preference file to control automatic creation of csv files etc.
  • Create Bolt contacts: Enough with “bolt” in the name.
  • Check for valid material name in case material has been renamed in Engineering Data.
  • More Eurocode 3 result options for rivet and bolts (Combined, Tension and Shear).

Ansys R19.2, V192.11

  • New Multi-Bolt Pretension graphics.
  • Bolt Result Evaluation works (Mechanical bug in R19.0 and R19.1)
  • Advanced Bolt contact morphing works (Mechanical bug in R19.0 and R19.1)

Ansys R18.2, V182.10

  • Bugfix pretension section real property
  • Bugfix advanced bolt element display
  • Save and Import bolt configuration to/from text file.
  • Bolt contact automation and contact match automation.
  • Bolt head node position factor, Khead, for simplified bolts (0 ≤ Khead) Distance from contact face, Doffset = Khead·Dshaft.
  • Thermal rivets and bolts to allow conduction.
  • Post processing Mesh Result of rivet and bolt element results in Mechanical (Temperature, Deformation, Strain, Stress, Contact).
  • New Advanced Bolt graphics.

Ansys R18.0, V180.9

Ansys R18.0, V180.8

  • Bugfix for bolt results at head and thread for cyclic symmetry.
  • Bolt thread node position factor, Kthread, for simplified bolts (0 ≤ Kthread ≤ 1)
  • Improved bolt hole centroid calculation for multi edge holes.
  • Improved bolt position using thread axis or nut plane to position head in oversized or slotted holes

Ansys R17.0, V170.7

  • Updated to run in ANSYS versions 17.0, 17.1, 17.2. and 18.0
  • Create groups of rivets including results Rivets and simplified bolts can have rigid/deformable/custom behavior.
  • Imported body temperatures and/or Thermal conditions will be automatically mapped to the rivets and bolts for all load steps.
  • Rivet and bolt properties and result settings are included in EDRMedeso Report Generator app.
  • Bug fix for material properties temperature conversion C => F and for multi linear material with only one temperature.

Ansys R17.0, V170.6