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Getting Started

License server and app installation

  1. Install the CADFEM License server on your server host specified in the “License form” (usually same server as for your Ansys license server) and install the provided license file. If you already have a CADFEM Ansys app or have installed the server for another EDRMedeso app you may skip this step.

  2. Download and install the app for your selected version of Ansys. Instructions for installing the app locally or in a network as well as the license client setup is found in the App and License Client Installation instructions. Demo models and tutorials are also found on the “Downloads” page. You find the full documentation on the Manual page.

License Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting checklist before contacting the support:

  1. Is CADFEM license service started? When the CADFEM FlexLM license server is running the service “CADFEMFlexLMServer” appears in the windows service list, see page 3 in CADFEM_License_server_installation.pdf.

  2. Is the license server host name defined on the client PC where the app is installed? When starting Mechanical a pop-up window prompts you to input the server host name (and port number). To verify or edit your settings check the page 10 in EDRMedeso_App_Installation.pdf.

  3. Can the client PC connect to the license server? Verify if the used port numbers are open in the firewall, see page 4 in CADFEM_License_server_installation.pdf.

Start using the app

If you have upgraded from a previous version check out the What’s New section.

If you are new to Bolt Toolkit go to Quick Reference Guide to learn the basic process.

Also check out the Tutorials with a set of workshops for strength and fatigue assessment available on the downloads page.

Contact Support

Technical Enhancements and Customer Support, TECS, is included in the license. Make sure to fully read the Manual and study the demo and verification models in the Downloads section before posting questions to the support. You are always welcome to post enhancement requests using the “Contact Support” menu.

In case of not getting a result first check the following:

Check version

In case of errors check if there is a newer version of the app available from the Downloads page. You can check what Ansys and app version you are using by clicking the “About (Check version)” in the Help menu.
From 2024R1 when Mechanical is starting that app will automatically check if it is installed in the correct Ansys version and if there is a newer version available to download.

helpMenu support_0

Check for error messages

Then check all messages in Mechanical. Right-click on the error in the messages list and select “Go To Object” to locate the object in the model tree.


Next check for error messages in the Extension Log File:


Include the information above as well as a description and relevant screen shots when contacting the support in order to handle your question as fast as possible.