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Bolt_Toolkit_icon EDRMedeso Bolt Toolkit

EDRMedeso Bolt Toolkit for Ansys Mechanical Tools for creating and post processing rivets and bolts inside Mechanical without the need of bolt CAD parts. Simple beam bolts or advanced solid bolts with thread interaction and frictional contacts are created based on standard or user defined templates. Bolt and rivet strength according to Eurocode 3, AISC 360-16 or other user defined criteria. Bolt fatigue and cumulative damage according to Eurocode 3. Automatic bolt report with all details of design values and utilization.

Main Features

  • Optimization and automation of bolt contacts and contact imprints.
  • Build parametric rivets and bolts without CAD geometry in Mechanical including pre-tension.
  • Add your own custom bolt geometries including automatic pretension calculation.
  • Evaluate rivet and bolt forces, utilization and fatigue according to Eurocode 3/AISC-360-16.

Business Value

  • Ansys unique automatic bolt creation replaces manual CAD work, meshing & contact setup.
  • Ease of use and speedup. Create and evaluate hundreds of bolts in minutes instead of days.
  • Automatic bolt report for each selected analysis.


Info Feature presentation

An overview of all features is found in this presentation.