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Save Bolt Configuration Save Bolt Configuration

Click “Save Bolt Configuration” to save all or selected Rivets, Bolts and Bolt Result objects from the active analysis to a “json” file (“BoltToolkit.json”) in the solution folder subfolder “BoltToolkit”.

If the file exists a “Save as” window is opened to select new file name and location to save the file.

The exported objects are selected in the model tree after the export as a confirmation.

Import Bolt Configuration Import Bolt Configuration

Click “Import Bolt Configuration” to import all Rivets, Bolts and Bolt Result objects in the active analysis from a selected “json” file using file browsing window. The current solution folder subfolder “BoltToolkit” is the default folder.

If an object with the same name already exists in the tree the import of that object is skipped.

filePy Bolt Configuration File Syntax

The file format is based on “json”, a modern object-oriented syntax that can be edited using a modern text editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code) and easily imported in e.g. Python.

The created file may be used as a template for automation tasks, i.e. to create the file with an external tool or Ansys Wizard and then use “Import Bolt Configuration” to create the objects in the file.

Use “Named Selections” in the scooping to make the configuration file more generic in case replacing the geometry.

  • The syntax follows the underlying structure of ACT and how the properties are accessed by the app using the exact same property names and structure.
  • The text file is grouped by “Load Objects” such as “Rivets Group” and “Simplified Bolts Group” and their “Children” and “Result Objects” such as the “Bolts Result” etc.
  • For each type there are several parameters that can be defined. If a parameter is omitted the default value will be used.
  • Geometry is defined either by a list of “Ids”, e.g. “[1842, 1846, 1838, 1850]” or an existing “Named Selection” name, e.g. “Bolt_head”
  • Material is defined by an existing material name in the current analysis or one of the default materials name.
  • Property values are defined with a unit string when needed. Decimal point must be used.

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