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Toolbar EDRMedeso Report Generator

Report Generator for Ansys Mechanical Create an engineering report direct from your Mechanical model using your company’s Word template. Advanced formatting features to select content, figures and reference to parameters and summary tables. When updating the model and solution the new report is just one click away!

Main Features

  • Automation of report creation in Mechanical saved as Microsoft Word with full language support.
  • Update the report instantly to reflect e.g. new mesh, loads, results parameter tables etc.
  • Multi object creation of Figures or conversion of Figures to static Images. Greek symbols and text formatting.

Business Value

  • Ansys unique integrated and tailored reporting. Easy to select and add report content.
  • Customer versions and translations can be created, Word template, layout features, naming of objects etc.
  • Report is a true image of the analysis, good for 3rd party review or to set up a similar model.


Info Feature presentation

An overview of all features is found in this presentation.