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Weld_Toolkit_icon EDRMedeso Weld Toolkit

Weld Toolkit for Ansys Mechanical Tools for creating and post processing welds inside Mechanical on both shell and solid models without the need of weld CAD parts. Weld strength according to Eurocode 3, AWS or other user defined critera including automatic weld sizing. Weld fatigue based on linearized stress, nominal, hot-spot and effective notch method with S-N curves from IIW, Eurocode 3, DNV or user defined curves. Automatic weld report with all details for design values and utilization

Main Features

  • Automation and parametric solid weld creation without CAD in Mechanical.
  • Evaluate strength according to Eurocode 3, AWS D1.1/AISC 360-16 or user defined codes.
  • Evaluate fatigue according to Linearized Stress, Structural Stress, Nominal, Hot-Spot and Notch method.
  • Fatigue S-N curves from IIW, Eurocode 3, Eurocode 9, DNV or user defined S-N curves.

Business Value

  • Ansys unique automatic weld creation replaces manual CAD work, meshing & contact setup.
  • Ease of use in pre/post processing. Creation and evaluation of hundreds of welds in minutes instead of days.
  • Visualize the strength utilization, calculated weld thickness or fatigue life direct on the model.
  • Automatic weld report for each selected analysis.

Info Feature presentation

An overview of all features is found in this presentation.