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childSetup Child Setup

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The Child Setup let you re-use the Add Welds Group setup from one linked parent structural (or thermal) analysis.

If updating the weld setup in the parent analysis the linked setup will automatically get the new data.



Click on “Child Setup” in the toolbar to insert the Child Setup in the current static analysis. It is not possible to combine a Child Setup and other Add Welds Groups in the same analysis. It is therefore not possible to add a Child Setup if other active Add Welds Groups exist (or the opposite).

Inputs to define the Child Setup are:

Parent Analysis Select an analysis from all linked analyses that contain Add Welds Groups objects.

After adding the Child Setup the model can be solved using the Add Welds Groups setup of the Parent Analysis.

To re-use the weld results from the parent analysis after adding the Child Setup first select the analysis and click Save Weld Configuration. Then select the child analysis and click Import Weld Configuration and browse to the parent working directory. In this way the results will be linked to the correct load objects.

The Child Setup will not be aware if the parent weld objects are modified and “invalidate” the current solution. You must manually clear the analysis with the Child Setup and re-run the analysis to get the new properties.


The Child Setup displays all butt and fillet weld objects from the selected parent analysis.