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licIcon Licensing

You may open a Workbench project without the app license being checked out. You may also open Mechanical without the app license being checked out.

This allows the model to be shared with people without access to the app or license. Just make sure to “Save Binary Extension with Project”, see “WB>Tools>Options…>Extensions” below.


  • The app license is automatically checked out when evaluating a feature during solve or post processing.
  • The app license is automatically checked in after pressing solve.
  • If the license is not available when clicking solve a warning message is displayed in Mechanical and the solution is aborted with an error.

licIcon Initiate Licensing

Re-activate the licensing if modifications has been done to the license server or user profile.
If the connection to the license client is lost use “Initiate Licensing” to reconnect or to locate the license client and update the license user variable. See the EDRMedeso_License_client_installation.pdf for details.

licIconStart Check Out License

Check out (reserve) the license for your continuos use.

licIconStop Check In License

Check in (release) the license from the Mechanical session to use it in another session within the same project or a different project or by a different user.

licIconCmd Check License Status

Check the status of available licenses and who is using the license.


The command window must be closed to continue to use the app!