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doc What’s new

Ansys 2024 R1, V241.3

  • Structural Stress Fatigue stress averaging option “Local/Section”.
  • New Weld fatigue Settings option “Automatic Weld Fatigue Legend” to set “Reversed Rainbow” and/or “Logarithmic” depending on Result Item “Life”, “log10(Life)” or “Safety factor stress”.
  • Use Weld Toolkit in Mechanical Stand-alone.
  • New description and demo model for “Flare-Bevel Groove Weld” shown in the weld type section.
  • Automatic check for new versions of the app and that the app is installed in correct Ansys version.
  • New Active License status button in the toolbar that replace the “Licensing” menu.
  • Import Weld Settings from selected previous version.
  • New Weld Strength Result Item “Stotal”, also available in Structural Stress Fatigue.
  • Structural Stress Fatigue also supports load types “Load Combination” and “Load Scanning”.
  • CSV Stress Fatigue ignores blank lines and lines beginning with “#”.
  • New Nominal Method Stress Type: “Shear (Max)”.
  • New Hot-Spot Method Stress Types: “Shear (Max)”, “Principal (Normal)”, “Principal (Parallel)”.
  • New Effective Notch Stress Types: “Parellel”, “Sum of Principal”, “Stress Intensity”, “Shear (Max)”.
  • New Weld Fatigue Settings option “Signed stress range”.
  • Updated support for Weld Strength Random Vibration and Response Spectrum analysis.
  • New Weld Fatigue Load Type Random.
  • Cumulative Damage supports element results (CSV and Structural stress fatigue).
  • Bugfix creating “Add fillet weld” to sections connected to suppressed bodies.
  • New fatigue verification section and updated fatigue verification models.

Ansys 2023 R2, V232.8

  • Add butt weld types: “V-Butt intermittent” and “Bevel Butt intermittent”.
  • Butt weld strength type: “Butt weld intermittent”.
  • Updated Weld Toolkit tutorials.
  • Bugfix Save Weld Configuration
  • Bugfix for “zero result” evaluating weld strength results on circular edges with small segment angle on a cylindrical face.
  • Bugfix for Optimize Bonded Contacts when using solid to shell contacts.
  • Weld object worksheet preview to display object details and result summary tables.
  • Weld Settings option Store Results At “Last Time Step” to speed up post processing.
  • Child Setup let you re-use the butt and fillet welds setup from one linked parent analysis.
  • GUI bugfix and general improvements.
  • Rename “Min Thickness” to “Throat thickness”.
  • Improved Weld Strength evaluation speed and removed storing weld force text files in Mechanical working directory.
  • Improved Hot-Spot fatigue evaluation speed for faces with many nodes.
  • Weld Strength Settings option Weld Force Extraction “Contact Element/Underlying Element”

Ansys 2023 R1, V231.7

  • New Help menu with shortcuts to the online help.
  • Weld report migrated to Report Generator.
  • Bugfix Save Weld Configuration.
  • Bugfix for double sided weld without weld elements. In some cases wrong stress for combined tension and bending was calculated due to the weld offset.
  • Weld Strength according to AISC 360-16 now includes both the “ASD” and “LRDF” methods.
  • Butt weld strength graphics bugfix causing error message: “Normalize zero length vector failed!…”
  • Weld Settings control panel edit all preference and weld codes.
  • Bugfix for duplicate weld strength result to not reset code and material to default values.
  • A Weld Strength/Fatigue Child takes the pre-selected result object as the result parent, see Child Result.
  • New Hot-Spot Method Stress Types: “Parallel, Shear, Equivalent (DNV)”.
  • Hot-Spot Method stress type “Principal” is replaced by “Principal (IIW limit)” and “Principal (no limit)” and eliminates the property “Limit Principal” in Weld Settings.

Ansys 2023 R1, V231.1

  • Bugfix for “Key error” on “Weld Strength Elem” results.
  • Bugfix for weld strength results for shared topology with “Material assignment”.
  • Bugfix for working on some network mounted drives that caused evaluation error.
  • Bugfix for “Add weld” to not allow using same edge in two different welds.
  • Weld Toolkit license is released after pressing solve.
  • If Weld Toolkit license is not available for creating welds when pressing solve solution is aborted.
  • Grouped Weld Strength result to combine butt and fillet weld strength results (from different linked analyses) in one plot to get an overview and/or to get the max or min from several different load cases.
  • Weld Strength average Section (linear) in addition to the “Section (constant)”.
  • Nominal fatigue method using shear stress (in addition to normal stress)
  • Fatigue load case using Solution Combination from different analyses in the model tree.
  • Fatigue load case using Solution Scanning from different analyses in the model tree.
  • Cumulative damage Solution Editor to use loads from different analyses in the model tree.
  • Grouped Weld Fatigue result to combine multiple fatigue results (from different linked analyses) in one plot to get an overview and/or to get the max or min from several different load cases.
  • Weld Report figures can include weld line graphics.

Ansys 2022 R2, V222.2

  • Bugfix; Nominal and Effective Notch method exclude results for elements connected to “cut boundary” and other displacement boundary conditions.
  • Bugfix; Save binary extension with project overwrites app preference with default values.
  • Bugfix; Add fillet weld on tet-meshed bodies in thermal analysis.
  • Bugfix if using orthotropic material data for add fillet/butt welds.
  • Bugfix save/import “Weld Strength Shell Elem” Configuration.
  • Weld report image settings can be defined in report preference file (in Report Generator).
  • Weld Strength property “Factor Aw” to be used in design resistance calculation.
  • Weld Strength property Stress Type to use “Absolute Stress” or “Positive Stress” in Wuf calculation.
  • Weld Strength post processing speed improved when using “Calculate Time History = Yes”.
  • Eurocode 9 S-N curves (Design of aluminum structures)
  • The FAT factor can be defined as a property in the S-N curves in the preference file.
  • “Exclude boundary nodes” property for Nominal and Effective notch method.
  • Structural Stress Fatigue using throat stress from a weld strength result.
  • Hot-Spot method extrapolation type “Constant” (Haibach method) and stress types “Equivalent”.
  • Effective Notch method updated with stress types “Tangential (default), Principal, Equivalent”.
  • Weld Fatigue tutorials (in addition to existing Weld Strength tutorials).
  • Bugfix; Weld Strength result for solid model using shared topology and same “Material assignment” on both parts in a weld joint show zero utilization.

Ansys 2022 R1, V221.1

  • Bugfix to find current Ansys license for post proc.
  • Nominal and Effective Notch method mesh quality calculation improved at shared edges.
  • Nominal and Effective Notch method exclude results for elements connected to “cut boundary” and other displacement boundary conditions.
  • Effective Notch method updated to use generic fillet geometry and plot result on notch edge.
  • Detect and display errors messages from post processing MAPDL process in ACT log file.
  • New Weld Toolkit Tutorials included in app download zip file.

Ansys 2021 R2, V212.3

  • Improved “Add fillet weld” wireframe graphics.
  • Added weld section “Id” number in graphics.
  • Updated to current technology thermal elements.
  • Hot-Spot fatigue automatic offset using weld toe.
  • Hot-Spot extrapolation points and normal direction projected to non-planar faces.
  • Hot-Spot fatigue option to post-process “unconnected” faces, e.g. from “Weld mesh” feature.
  • Bugfix Weld Strength result material select.
  • Bugfix named selection scoping after geometry update.
  • Bugfix to make app work in Ansys 2020R1/R2.

Ansys 2021 R1, V211.1

  • Combines all features from the previous apps “Weld Strength” and “Weld Fatigue”.
  • Stress types τtotal and σparallel available as result and in weld code API.
  • Weld offset effect in shell and solid models without weld elements can be included.
  • Automatic shell part thickness calculation in Hot-Spot method.
  • Improve error messages handling to remove messages when the issue is resolved.
  • Improved verification examples and automatic verification reports.
  • Automatic weld report.

Ansys 2020 R1

Weld Strength V201.14

  • Graphic bug fix for Add Fillet/Butt weld creation.
  • Bug fix for names in property list “Geometry select”.
  • Bug fix for reading section forces with different format.
  • Weld mesh option Linear/Quadratic elements. E.g. use quadratic together with Nonlinear weld material.
  • Display Graph for path result along the weld section.
  • Fillet/Butt Weld Strength Shell result for evaluation of shell models with cruciform joints. Multiple welds attached to one section edge can be evaluated at the same time.
  • Fillet/Butt Weld Strength Child to plot different result items from a parent “Fillet/Butt Weld Strength”.

Weld Strength V201.12

Weld Fatigue V201.9

Weld Fatigue V201.7

  • Import/Export of all or selected Weld Fatigue result objects.
  • Bugfix for Hot Spot circular edge without vertex.

Ansys 2019 R2.4, R3

Weld Strength V192.11

  • Full support for 2019 R2.4 and 2019 R3 (new GUI).
  • Check for valid material name in case material has been renamed in Engineering Data.
  • Create Weld contacts: Enough with “weld” in the name.
  • Bugfix for Butt Weld floating and segment result where “Snormal” and “Tnormal” and thus “Seqv” was wrong. (The weld forces FX, FY and FZ was correct
  • Bugfix for weld moment calculation for “Add fillet weld” in some cases.

Ansys R19.2, 2019 R1

Weld Strength V192.10

Weld Fatigue V192.6

Weld Fatigue V192.5

  • CSV Fatigue, calculate fatigue from imported CSV stress.
  • Eurocode 3 S N Curves.
  • Load case time selection is now a floating number instead of a list. This allows definition of results before the model is solved.
  • Bugfix for stress calculation (range, min, avg and max) for “Load Scanning” and “Load Combination” for stress states that doesn’t change sign, e.g. an area with high pretension stress and minor variation.

Weld Fatigue V192.4

Ansys R19.0, R19.1

These Ansys versions had major ACT performance issues and is not supported.

Ansys R18.2

Weld Strength V182.9

Weld Fatigue V182.3

Ansys R18.0, R18.1

Weld Strength V180.8

Weld Fatigue V180.2

Ansys R17

Weld Strength V170.7

Weld Strength V170.6

  • Weld result properties included in EDRMedeso Report Generator app
  • Partial safety factor γM2 can be edited.
  • Bug fixes for zero length edge and missing nodal forces.
  • Bug fix to clear temp weld results after solve. No need to do “Clear Generated Data” before model is re-solved.
  • Improved support for edge to edge and edge to surface contact.
  • Post processing unit can be different than solution unit.

Weld Strength V170.5

Weld Fatigue V170.1