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doc What’s new

Ansys 2024 R1, V241.2

Ansys 2023 R2, V232.4

  • Bugfix Refresh Model from Draft to deal with “line break” and embedded images in comments.
  • Bugfix Update Figures to overwrite if image file exists.
  • Bugfix writing the Default Comments Images under Project.
  • Worksheet Preview to display a report preview of the selected object in the Worksheet window.
  • Bugfix “Maximum Shear Stress” and “Shear Stress” details table.

Ansys 2023 R1, V231.5

Ansys 2023 R1, V231.1

  • Batch Report.
  • Support Multi Step Harmonic (RPM/Load Step).
  • Bug fixes.

Ansys 2022 R2, V222.1

  • Mesh: Weld Mesh.
  • Mesh Edit: Pull(extrude).
  • Load: Heat Flux.
  • Spatially Varying Load: Pressure, Line Pressure, Pipe Pressure, Pipe Temperature, Convection, Heat Flux, Temperature, Thermal Condition, Displacement.
  • Mesh Fracture Features: Semi Elliptical Crack, Arbitrary Crack, Pre Meshed Crack, Interface Delamination, SMART Crack Growth.

Ansys 2022 R1, V221.2

  • Geometry Imports group objects and properties.
  • Rename Figures/Images based on parent object name.
  • Bugfix: “Contact Tool” results objects are now exported.
  • Bugfix: “Save binary extension with project” will save local preference, customization and Word templates with the project and restore when open the project on a different PC.
  • Export Image settings in preference file.

Ansys 2021 R2, V212.1

  • License client automatic installed if needed when installing the app.

Ansys 2021 R1, V211.2

  • Update image path inside comments to current project location.
  • Updated support for Bolt and Weld Toolkit properties and result tables.
  • Improved image export speed.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Export Figures opens a HTML report preview.

Ansys 2020 R1, V201.13

  • Respect “Current Display” settings for Legend, Triad & Ruler in image export.
  • Update individual figures based on selected figures in the model tree.
  • Option not to overwrite existing Word report and select new file name.
  • Use result identifiers to print “Min”, “Max”, “Avg”, “LocMin” and “LocMax” values in comments.
  • Materials and Material Assignment supported.
  • Grouping of objects in all instance of the tree, not just loads and results.
  • Radiosity Controls in Thermal Analysis Settings.
  • Bugfix Solution Combination result details.
  • Bugfix for (grouped) Fatigue Tool result details.
  • Result, Probe and Chart Tabular Data can be written.
  • Option to write selected result details and tabular data.
  • Chinese language support (beta 2020R2).

Ansys R19.2, V192.11

  • Support for 2019R2 (new GUI).
  • Mechanical language support (English, German, French, Japanese).
  • Multiple report templates.
  • Select custom report save folder.
  • Embedded images in comments are exported.
  • Modal Solution Information (Frequency list, Participation factors).
  • Frequency response results.
  • Static Image bugfix.

Ansys R19.2, V192.10

  • Support for R19.2 and 2019R1.
  • Table and Figure caption using Word fields for auto numbering.
  • Additional table and caption formatting options.
  • Workbench journaling and batch support.

Ansys R19.2, V192.9

  • Un Tag and Filter Tagged objects.
  • Support for more analyses and objects (Explicit, Transient, Topology etc.).
  • Support for Initial Conditions and Analysis Settings.
  • Local report option to include/exclude automatic tables.
  • Improved error handling and stability.

Ansys R19.0, V190.8

  • Global mesh settings support “Simplified mesh UI “ and R19.1 updates.
  • Support for more objects (named selections, thermal & nodal loads.
  • Result details summary table (contour, path and probe).
  • Preference option to include/exclude automatic tables.
  • Customization files from old versions can be imported.

Ansys R18.0, V180.6

  • “New Static Images” saves selected objects as png files in “user_files” and inserts as “Image from file…” and include in report. This will also export selected “Figures” as png and add as “Image from file…”.

Ansys R18.0, V180.5

  • Full support for R18.0 (new mesh options) and bug fixes.
  • Improved formatting of tabular loads.
  • Improved error trapping for unknown objects with printout in the report.

Ansys R17.0, V170.4

  • Full support for R17.2 and bug fixes.
  • Support for ACT load and result objects.
  • Support for Groups of objects to improve disposition.