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doc Known Issues and Limitations

  • Report Generator tries to export information from all “tagged” objects. If the object type is “unknown” no information for that object is exported.

  • If an object has a new property as a result of ANSYS adding/modifying the features Report Generator may fail to extract information correct. In this case an error message will be displayed but the export will continue. After the export is done any object causing an error is selected in the model tree.

  • The use of parameters in the project may slow down the export due to a “memory leak” bug in Mechanical that may cause a crash. To disable the parameter search set “Get Parameters = No” in the Report Settings or set “getParameterDict = False” in the preference file.

  • Please report if an object is not exported, i.e. “Missing Feature” or if an object is causing an error. Send a screen shot of the object property details and the error message using Contact Support in the Help menu.