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licIcon Licensing

You can install the app in Workbench without an app license file and also open a Workbench project to review the setup and results without the license being checked out.
This makes it possible to share a project archive with people outside of your organization.

  • The app license is automatically checked out when adding or evaluating a feature during pre or post processing.
  • If the license is not available a warning message is displayed in Mechanical.

It is possible to share a project archive with people without access to the app or license either by sharing the link to the app “Downloads” page or to use “Save Binary Extension with Project”, see “WB>Tools>Options…>Extensions” below.


For general usage it is recommended to set “Save Binary Extension with Project = Never”.

licIconActive licIconInActive Active License

The button “Active License” displays the current status of the app license and is used to manually check in (release) the license.

  • If button is “inactive” (greyed out) the license is not currently active or not available. Use the “Check License Status” to find the names of current users and if the license server is online.
  • If button is “active” (with green background) the license is active. Clicking it will check in (release) the license and the button turns “inactive”. This is the same as clicking “Check In License” in previous versions.

licIcon Initiate Licensing (Legacy)

Initiate Licensing is always done when starting Mechanical. If changes are made to the license server or “license.ini” in the user profile, just restart Mechanical for the changes to take effect.
See the EDRMedeso_License_client_installation.pdf for details.

licIconStart Check Out License (Legacy)

Check out (reserve) the license for your continuos use.
The license is always checked out when pre or post-processing app features.

licIconStop Check In License (Legacy)

Check in (release) the license from the Mechanical session to use it in another session within the same project or a different project or by a different user.
This button is replaced by the Active License button, see above.

licIconCmd Check License Status

Check the status of available licenses and who is using the license.
This button is replaced by a User Button that can be added to the “Automation” menu.


The command window must be closed to continue to use the app!

User Button

The button for “Check License Status” (and “Initiate Licensing”) may be added to the “Automation” menu as “User Buttons” since these are common for all EDRMedeso apps. Download these user button scripts (Check License & Initiate and click “Manage” and then “Click to import a button script” and browse to the script file and then click “Click to save script for the button”.

UserButton ButtonEditor SaveButton

Mechanical Scripting

The “Check Out License” and “Check In License” may be called using the Automation>Scripting console by typing the corresponding command in the “tab” for the current app.

AutomationScripting CheckOutLicense CheckInLicense

The “Initiate Licensing” and “Check License Status” can be called in the same way using the corresponding commands “InitiateLicensing()” and “CheckLicenseStatus()”.