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defCom Default Comments

Click “Default Comments” to define standard comments (ReportName (i), Introduction, Conclusions), Title figure (ii) and the tags “Report”, “Report Result Details” and “Report Tabular Data”.

(i) Starting in V231.3 the “Report Name” is defined in the Report Settings object.

(ii) Any Figure (or Image) named “Title” can be used as the front page title figure.


Edit the text in the comment “ReportName” to set the file name of the report.
“FileName.docx” will use linked images. “FileName.doc” will use embedded images.

If using linked images in the report figures and images will only be visible as long as the project user_files folder exist. You may save the images in the Word document and keep the links, see the Figure Features section.

Edit the text in “Introduction” and “Conclusions”. The text can be formatted. If you insert images first save them in the project “user_files” folder. You can also paste text and tables from Word.

To exclude “Introduction” or “Conclusions” from the report simply click the “Un-Tag” button. Do not delete the comment.

Special characters (ûüåäö etc.) can be used in Project Details (Author, Subject, Prepared For) and these properties are synced with the new Report Settings object.