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Icon EDRMedeso Fatigue Scanning

EDRMedeso Fatigue Scanning for Ansys Mechanical : Post processing tool to evaluate maximum stress or strain range from a selected range of solution steps or a Solution Combination.


  • In multi-step analysis with non-proportional loading, due to e.g. transient thermal body loads, it is difficult to identify all possible hot spots from a fatigue point of view. A stress envelop “Maximum Over Time” is not enough. A “Solution Combination” between two load cases can be used to plot the stress range, but if there are more than three or four load steps the number of possible load step combinations quickly becomes too large.


  • With the Fatigue Scanning app you select the geometry of interest (typically a number of faces of a body) and let the app run all possible load case combinations from the selected steps. The result is the highest stress or strain range from the selected range in the time history.
    The results for the nodes and the critical load steps are written to a csv file in the solution folder and can be used for fatigue analysis.