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Toolbar EDRMedeso ASME Material Generator

ASME Material Generator for Ansys Workbench Creates Stress Strain Curve according to “Annex 3-D.3 in ASME 2013 VIII Div.2” / “KD-231.4 ASME 2015 VIII Div.3” in Engineering Data!


  • Part 5, ASME 2013 VIII Div.2 and KD-231, ASME 2015 VIII Div.3 plastic methods required the use of elastic plastic material model which can include hardening behavior.
  • True stress-strain curve model including this behavior is provided in ASME [Annex 3-D, ASME 2013 VIII Div.2 / KD-231.4 ASME 2015 VIII Div.3 ].
  • The input required to define ANSYS multilinear hardening is the true stress – true plastic strain data points.
  • Handling these formula, together with the material class dependent constants can be a tedious task, and easily prone to human error.


  • The ASME material generator app can be used as an efficient tool to build material model according to ASME for ANSYS.